Workshops & Talks

Hands-On Training with Dr. Carla

  • Pursue dreams
  • Create vision maps
  • Set short and long term goals
  • Discover strategies to overcome fear
  • Collaborate with other educators and entrepreneurs
  • Guide visionaries who are “stuck” and need guidance and support


Faith Driven Entrepreneur

October 11th to November 29th Lake Charles, LA

 I am Calling all Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Dreamers, and Trailblazers!  Yes You!  It is Time.  Did you know that your business is a part of God’s Kingdom Plan?  

One hour a week for 8 weeks you will connect with a small group of like-minded entrepreneurs to walk through the Faith Driven Entrepreneur Study and discuss what it means to embrace your call to create and fulfill God’s purpose for your life and work.

 Listen this study features video stories of real-life entrepreneurs and goes deep into the Marks of a Faith Driven Entrepreneur with Christian entrepreneur Henry Kaestner and author and pastor JD Greear.  Stepping into the entrepreneurial venture (FAITH PROJECT) that God has drawn you to requires FAITH and a group of allies who have your back.  Together, find out what it looks like to take a leap, trust God along the way, and let your FAITH lead your business.  It is absolutely FREE all materials for the study are provided.




Available for Purchase directly through the author or

BLESSINGS 365 A Walk Through the Psalms! This book is for parents to use and declare, decree and Bless their children daily.  Each day is a Blessing to speak over your child.

I am excited for you to begin a new chapter in your life and the lives of your children.  As you declare and decree these Blessing over your children you will begin to plant the word in their hearts.

Not only plant the word in their hearts but you will plant the heavens with the word of God over your children.  This book BLESSINGS 365 IS ONLY 14.99 and is available for sale NOW click the link. 

ARISE: Praying Parents

Join Dr. Carla and learn how to effectively pray for your children in every area of their lives.

Dr. Carla Mormon is the Founder of ARISE: Praying Parents which was established in 2008.  This ministry started out with a 15 minute prayer call on Monday mornings. During this power packed 15 minutes the Word of God is declared and decree over our children. For we know that the Word of God has Power and will accomplish all that it set itself to do.

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