Create and position a custom map on your desktop, which shows the position of the sun and moon, as well as the moon phase.

Stellarium 1.8.5 Build 1407 – Java 11 / 2020
Stellarium 1.8.5 Build 1407 is now available!
This is a very important new version of the popular planetarium:
• The complete overhaul of the Kepler/HALF-MOON movie engine
• New HST movie engine with 3D support
• Many bug fixes, including a fix for the bright stars and Moon that could cause rendering problems when loading an HST
• The “advanced-mode” commandline now handles data files with multiple files (e.g. HST files for several moons)
• The UAVI movie engine now allows you to automatically generate a.avi from multiple.HST files, including with color subsampling to increase compatibility on all users’ computers
• The UAVI movie engine now shows the number of orbitals available at the time of the movie
• Many fixes for the sky map editor
• The decoy planet object can now be defined as an independent planet object (by default, it is done by linking it to the corresponding sun)
• The decoy planet object is now masked in some situations, like when the planet rotates around the sun
• The camera parameters now are correctly updated when the user changes the horizontal field of view
• The datum now is defined in the Earth.dat file (always set for HDST movies), and the latitude-longitude geocentric coordinate system has been deprecated (except for KeplerHST files, which were always in geocentric coordinates)
• Many other improvements and bug fixes, including:
– the.hst files are now read correctly when a database is provided in the config.ini
– A new system has been implemented to automatically update the background image: This is triggered by the user when a background image is chosen
– The menu bar now supports the new look of the frame
– Many other small improvements
This version also features an optional Night Mode with a blue/green filter for the stars:
Click on the right button on the toolbar and select the Night Mode tab

Stellarium 1.8.3 Build 1406 – Java 11 / 2020
Stellarium 1.8.3 Build 1406 is now available!
The Night Mode plugin is now also included with this 384a16bd22

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