The Linux kernel maintains an internal system of identifiers, or UIDs, for users and groups. It’s possible to read the contents of the /etc/passwd and /etc/groups files, but these are out of date, which is why the kernel also maintains a map of all UIDs to all other identifiers.
Two mechanisms provide this: the kernel maintains a sorted list of all users, from highest to lowest UID, and the system maintains a list of all UIDs, from highest to lowest.
The Linux kernel interfaces use /proc, /sys and /dev, and the kernel provides them to userspace as a well-defined filesystem. /proc contains a filesystem interface for each special type of filesystem, /sys and /dev contain device nodes for every type of device. For example /proc/pid_of_the_running_process contains device nodes of the devices connected to the running process, and /sys/block contains a filesystem interface to the special block device /dev/block/special. The kernel has a set of exported filesystems that all userspace processes can mount, such as /proc/fs/ and /proc/sys/ for the filesystems described above.
Keylogger Description:
A keylogger is a software program that can be used to record all the keys that you type on a keyboard.
It can log all the passwords you type, as well as the internet addresses you visit and the files you download.
Usually keyloggers are used in cases where the person you are protecting doesn’t know how to use a firewall, or is forced to use it because a firewall is required to keep outsiders from seeing what is going on.
In most cases, keyloggers are used on machines that are not necessarily very secure. This could be the machine that you use at your work, or a system on which you make online purchases.
Kaspersky Total Security 2018 Overview
The keylogger software has been tested against major viruses and spyware, including the well-known Trojans like the Netsky and the Duqu.
It has also been tested against all the most recent zero-day attacks. The latest version of the software has also been updated with new features and improvements, and is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, 8.1 and 10 operating systems.
All anti-virus programs are not 100 percent effective against keyloggers, but you can be sure that we test our keylogger software against the most advanced detection technologies. 384a16bd22

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