Love. Image: Lisa Frost/iStock via Getty Before you get involved with someone, you want to make sure that person is going to bring value to your life and not just what you can get out of them. By this we mean that any relationship with someone should help you develop, grow, and improve as a person and as a human being. Do this and you’ll make sure you have a good partner. Making Someone a Priority Image: Jaap/iStock via Getty Making someone a priority is something you have to bring up with your potential date. Ideally, you want to have done this beforehand, because if you haven’t had a good conversation with the person yet, you’ll need to be quick to answer. If this is your first or first-time date with someone, it’s important to act how you would with a friend or partner instead of how you would with a hookup. The last thing you want to do is fake an attraction to someone just to get laid. How to Ask How important they are to you Image: Ben Brooks/iStock via Getty Before you do anything else, ask the person how important they are to you. If they’re “not important,” explain why and take it from there. Also, don’t ask the question in a way that makes you seem desperate, and make sure they know that you want to make them a priority too. When someone is important to you, try not to single them out too much—you could be putting them in a false light if they are the only thing you talk about. It’s okay to let people know when they’re important to you, but that doesn’t mean you have to do this constantly. Growth and Development Image: johanterlinde/iStock via Getty If you have a specific interest in another person’s life, like acting, ballet dancing, or being the next Harvard president, don’t talk about that over dinner—doing so is fake and disingenuous. Instead, ask the person a question about their personal growth or development or something they’re proud of. That’s not to say you can’t talk about topics you’re both passionate about. If you both share the same interests or experiences, it can help you bond and it shows your confidence. Still, you shouldn’t make your date feel like they have to change who they are or what they’re passionate about just because you’re interested
So, how do you know if you’re in the right place? Well, there are a few signs, like the latest Tinder app. Even though you may be picturing yourself sitting at your computer, with a book and maybe a little tea, the idea of swiping right on every potential partner should also fill you with fear. Because if someone has taken the time to find out about you on Tinder and have liked several of your photos, they must have some pretty good things to say about you, right? Maybe. Tinder Matching Algorithm Technology aside, if you are single, there are a few dating apps that seem to offer the best results, and the upcoming Tinder app is just one of them. Even though they can be pricey, the process of dating on a smartphone is, I think, more transparent than ever before. Think about it: You’re always alert in case you forget something. You’re always aware of what’s happening around you, and you’re never alone. Your brain is occupied every step of the way, and dating app algorithms are designed to be less time consuming, less intimidating, and just plain easier than old-fashioned, face-to-face, coffee shop, or cocktail-bar meetings. I hate to brag, but I have good news for all those ladies and gentlemen who can’t get it up for a real relationship: There are plenty of men who will. There are some who are picky and some who aren’t, but there are also many who are willing to open their heart and make a decision. I know it sounds a little fishy, but it’s all just a fact. So, have you met the man of your dreams yet? If not, don’t worry, because there are plenty of people out there who are looking for the same thing you are. Chances are, you will find them in your Tinder match, in your close friends, or on your social media feed. When it comes down to the basics, the differences are minimal. So, with that said, let’s talk about the modern dating app, Tinder. Tinder is the most well known because of its recent popularity, but that doesn’t make it the best dating app out there. Should You Use Tinder? The truth is: There are dating apps for just about everything, from long-term to long-distance. It’s also about meeting people, and if