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NetXpression allows you to create webinars, online presentations, or even public slide presentations with full video or audio integration. You can add slides to your presentation while using a remote desktop or while recording video and audio at the same time.
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What is the name of the female equivalent to ‘petty officer’?

Is there a female equivalent of ‘petty officer’?


In the Royal Navy, the lowest-ranking professional rank is the petty officer. Junior rates, lower down the hierarchy, include deck rating, in charge of the deck of a ship, rating, in charge of a compartment, chief rating, in charge of a ratings’ mess, gunnery rating, in charge of a gun, and sea rating, in charge of a small section of a ship.

There is no female equivalent to the petty officer as a rank. The closest would be a sergeant in the RNZN.


Based on the question title, I would expect there to be no specific equivalent. Petty Officer is the equivalent of Private. Female soldiers are generally referred to as soldiers regardless of rank. Female sailors would probably just be referred to as sailors.
A “Petty Officer” is the equivalent of “Sergeant” in the Army. Female army sergeants are “Sergeant”, female sailors are “Crewman”.
I doubt that the Navy has the same title as the Army. Although female Army sergeants are “sergeants”, there is no equivalent title in the Navy.


I think you are looking for the nickname “Petty Officer” which is specifically for USN female officers.

Netxpression With Product Key (Updated 2022)

Record audio, video, text, or photos and place them into a presentation.
Create interactive presentations by combining your audio, video, and slide presentation.
Embed an online presentation into a web page and send it out through the Internet.
Take your presentations anywhere you want with the included DVD.
Easily change the text on the presentation at any time.
Customize your presentation’s style with just a few clicks.
Record presentations at any resolution using standard-sized slides.
Create professional-looking slides with the included template.
Embed your presentation into a web page, automatically creating a seamless online presentation.
Easily share your presentation with other users in the Worldwide Web.
Create presentations in a matter of minutes and send them out to your clients or other users in no time.

IMPORTANT: For NetXpression Webinars, the first 30 seconds of your Webinar presentation must be an advertisement of the product, such as a banner ad, product information, or sales demonstration.

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[IMAGE]It’s the Call of Duty Black Ops to PC beta signups you might have missed

Call of Duty Black Ops: GameStop is offering a pre-Black Ops 3 beta for PC on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The beta for the first Black Ops will run from Sept. 27 to Oct. 3. The timing is a bit odd, as the final Black Ops game is releasing on Nov. 13. But the pre-release of the next Call of Duty game is not unheard of. And as the first game releases in six months, it’s not surprising that this would be the one.

If you’re signed up for this beta, you’ll be able to download a pre-beta build of the game before Black Ops launches in November. The


* Lightweight, flexible, and easy to use.
* All-in-one solution for building high-impact Internet presentations.
* Interactive slide presentations.
* Over 40 professional templates included.
* Layered technology for high quality presentations.
* Support for PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Java, VB, HTML, and more.
* Easy to use and highly customizable.
* Works with any standard web browser.
* Supports any file system.
* NetXpression Community Support forum.
* Fast, intuitive, and easy to learn.
* Online presentations, multi-page reports, and on-demand training programs.
* Interactive presentation slides.
* Presentations delivered online or stored on CDs.
* Publish reports and presentations in multiple formats.
* Create unique desktop shortcuts for your presentations.
* Insert embedded video, audio, and slides into presentations.
* Support for audio CDs, DVDs, Flash, and more.
* Fully integrated with the Microsoft Office suite.
* Add text, graphics, and annotations to presentations.
* Supports PDF files, DOC/PDF, MS Office documents, and more.
* Export presentations as HTML and SWF files.
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* Create reports in multiple formats.
* Supports PDF, DOC/PDF, MS Office documents, and more.
* Easy to use and highly customizable.
* Online presentations, multi-page reports, and on-demand training programs.
* Supports audio CDs, DVDs, Flash, and more.
* Add text, graphics, and annotations to presentations.
* Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
* Integration with the Microsoft Office suite.
* Build multi-media presentations with embedded slides and interactive effects.
* Embed text, graphics, audio, and video.
* Add text, graphics, and annotations to presentations.
* Export presentations as HTML and SWF files.
* Works with any standard web browser.
* Interactive Internet presentations with automatic navigation.
* Inserted audio, video, and slides into presentations.
* Make presentations more effective by combining technology with online features.
* Create multi

What’s New In?

Netxpression is a presentation creation software for the Mac. It allows you to create presentations in two formats: html (web view) and powerpoint (viewer). The product has many more features than I am going to describe here. You can check out the product at

Netxpression is available for the Mac OS X only. In my opinion, the developer has not been updating the product for a long time. I am not sure if the developer will continue to update it. Currently Netxpression for Mac OS X is version 2.0.

Using Netxpression
Netxpression can help you to create a variety of presentations in different formats. You can view them via the web or directly on your computer.

Using Netxpression with the Web
Netxpression is very easy to use. First, create your presentation by choosing a template. You can add images and video clips. You can also add slide text, styles, fonts, colors, graphics, and effects. You can format, edit, or hide elements as well. You can also add sound, music, and sounds to enhance the presentation.

You can also export the presentation to be viewed over the web. To do this, you must first upload your presentation to a web server. To do this, you can use FTP, or you can send it directly to your web server. Once the presentation is uploaded, you can view it over the web using any web browser, including Safari.

You can also view your presentation via your e-mail. You can choose to e-mail your presentation to yourself as an attachment or HTML document. You can preview the attachment or HTML document directly from your e-mail.

When you are finished, you can save your presentation as a ZIP file. To do this, select File -> Save As. You can create an archive by choosing the ZIP option in the file type pop-up menu.

Using Netxpression with a Mac
Netxpression for Mac is available in two versions. You can view presentations in viewer format on your computer and presentations in web format via the Internet. I recommend version 2.0 of the software.

You can open presentations created in Netxpression for Mac 2.0 by clicking the icon that looks like a ribbon or a file folder.

Once the presentation is open, you can view the slide using the slide show or print the presentation.

You can also save your presentation to disk. To do this, you can go to File -> Save. You can save your presentation to be viewed directly on your computer or saved to your hard drive or network share.

Using Netxpression for Mac 2.0
To view presentations created in Netxpression 2.0, you first need to upload the presentation to your web server.

You can use FTP, or you can send it directly to

System Requirements For Netxpression:

The game supports the following graphics options (with recommended settings for each):
– DirectX 11
– DirectX 9 (with most textures, shadow volumes and dynamic shadows)
– DirectX 7 (with shadows, transparent and skinned characters, reflections, minimap, particles, textures and lights)
– DirectX 7 (with shadows and transparent characters)
In order to play the game you’ll need a graphics card that meets the following minimum requirements:
DirectX 11 / OpenGL 4.0 (If you don’t know if your graphics card meets the