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Cooper Schindler Business Research Methods.epub


Measuring employee performance is a difficult task. With over 30
Years of experience in the finance industry and the support of
the Cooper Schindler Bank, we now offer our clients the benefit
of a guide to evaluating performance, designed to measure and
improve the effectiveness of your people.
Order your copy of the Cooper Schindler “Business Research
Methods” now at your local bookstore and you’ll get a free copy
of the Economics Manuscript!
The Cooper Schindler guide to Business Research Methods
provides access to the most current knowledge on the field.
With an easy-to-use format, this book provides a concise summary of the subject at hand, resulting in a practical approach that
courses like business, accounting, finance, marketing and many others.
The Cooper Schindler guide to Business Research Methods will provide all
the essential information you need to create a successful career in the
finance and accounting industries. In addition, this guide is a great
reference for those who teach these courses, as well as in the business
environment itself.
In this edition of the Cooper Schindler guide to Business Research
Methods, Professor Donald R. Cooper and Professor Pamela S. Schindler
give you a guide to the crucial components of finance and accounting
professions, including business organization, financial statement analysis
and accounting policy. Through unique features and helpful
illustrations, Professor Cooper and Professor Schindler help you
determine whether your approach to the subject is well founded or not.
There are questions to help guide you along the way and you’re sure to
find something in this book that will help you prepare for success in
your finance or accounting course.
The Cooper Schindler guide to Business Research Methods is a complete
summary of the financial and accounting aspects of today’s economy.
Discover a wealth of information, including:
? The essentials of managerial accounting
? The basics of auditing
? How to decide what information is most valuable to you
? The Cooper Schindler Test Bank
And much more!
Available to buy at your local bookstore or order the e-book
In this Cooper Schindler guide to Business Research Methods, Donald R. Cooper, Professor Emeritus of Finance at Rutgers
University, and Professor Pamela S. Schindler, Professor of Finance at Rutgers University, provide
you with a practical guide to the financial and accounting aspects of today’s economy. Through
unique features


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Business Research by Paul R. Brown.. Cooper, Donald R., and Pamela S. Schindler..

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