1337 X is the overall best site if youre looking for files that cant be loaded on most torrent clients or if youre looking for files that can not be loaded on most torrent clients. It has the best ratios, with the uploads https://appscracks.com/tag/cisco-packet-tracer/ outnumbering the downloads many times, but it also does not have any form of protection against copyright infringement and you cant report those that do upload copyrighted files. It is very big, with many categories of files and it has a very large database of files for all https://appscracks.com/advanced-systemcare-pro-15-5-0-267-nulled-latest-version-2022-new/ of those categories, but it is more of an artist sharing, product sharing, and domain name sharing site than a game torrenting site. For this reason, we do not consider it a safe site for game-related files. However, if it is what you want, then we will happily recommend it to you. It also has a good amount of speed, as most of the downloads get done within two or three days, if not a few hours.

Often overlooked, many new people are searching out for this one, but its a great site for getting a great amount of quality games. We know that as great as Steam is, it can still have flaws in it. Thats why we rate 1337 X as one of the best because they have the best ratio of uploads outnumbering the downloads, and you can see what files are copyrighted on the site. They have a huge amount of files, from downloads to fighter games to mac games to games. Its not just about the type of files but if the type of files are playable on the site of the torrent. Unfortunately, there are certain types of files that cannot be downloaded on their website, or they have a large amount of copyrighted files. This is why they do not get a good rating.











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