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TypeScript cannot find namespace with autocomplete/tsc agsintellis

I’m using Atom and having a TypeScript issue. When building my project I have to use ag-grid autocompletion feature to get autocompleted values from pre-declared angular modules.
When I type (autocomplete) at the beginning of the line ag-grid becomes available. However after using the command ag-grid.core.js it shows an error in the TypeScript file.

The type ‘PackageNamespace’ is not defined.

Here is my use case:

The file ag-grid.core.js defines class (package) AgGridAPI and TypeScript Type (PackageNamespace)
The file ag-grid.core.js defines two interfaces: AGGridPref and AGGridPrefFilter
My TypeScript file declares two interfaces:

SearchTextFilter and SearchTextFilterDirective
Directive implements AGGridPref and AGGridPrefFilter
AGGridPref is an imported interface defined in the ag-grid.core.js
AGGridPrefFilter is imported and declared under the AGGridPref interface

In both the AGGridPref and AGGridPrefFilter interface there are some methods that return special type AgGridPrefFilter[] like getStyleClass, getRows, getCount and getCanSort, etc.
My main concern is how I can fix the ag-grid.core.js autocompletion issue to get ag-grid autocompletion values?
Here are my files:
File: ag-grid.core.js
File: ag-grid.core.d.ts
File: ag-grid.core.js
File: ag-grid.core.d.ts
File: ag-grid.js
File: ag-grid.js
File: ag-grid.d.ts
File: ag-grid.d.ts


The issue was related to the issue of namespaces in ag-grid source files. ag-grid defines a namespace AgGridAPI for custom Angular components.
ag-grid.core.js is placed inside the AgGridAPI namespace. AgGridPref (the interface declared in ag-grid.core.js) is

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