If you like stopwatches, clocks and such, this is a good dock for you.

Start Desktop and Start Menu Description:
With Start Desktop and Start Menu you can have your desktop and start menu back into your desktop or a different desktop or start menu.

Free Screen Icons for your Windows and Mac Desktops Description:
You can have hundreds of free icons for the windows, desktop, and start menu of your computer.

Four Button Blue UML Diagram Description:
Four Button Blue UML Diagram is an easy to use diagramming program that enables you to create diagrams for your own projects or others.

Easy Reverse Delete in Windows Description:
You don’t have to worry about the original location of the file when you delete a file. With this easy to use utility, you can easily reverse the delete function.

Start, Action and Shutdown Tool Description:
Start, Action and Shutdown Tool is a simple tool for you to start, shutdown, restart, logoff, hibernate, suspend and lock your computer.

Reconnect PC Back to Work Description:
Reconnect PC Back to Work will help you to recover your PC after it has been disconnected from the Internet or LAN.

Control panel for your computer Description:
Control Panel for your computer will help you to do what is necessary to maintain the proper running and safety of your computer.

Ease the PC Setup Process Description:
Ease the PC Setup Process will help you through the often daunting process of installing Windows XP or Mac OS X on your computer.

Install WinRar Description:
Install WinRar will help you install any program you want for your computer.

Restore the default Windows and Mac Icons Description:
Restore the default Windows and Mac Icons will help you restore the default Windows, start menu, and computer icons.

Upgrade Windows XP Description:
Upgrade Windows XP will help you upgrade your Windows XP computer to a Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Service Pack 3 version.

AHTAM Install-Uninstall description:
AHTAM Install-Uninstall is a program to help you remove programs such as Java and Flash for security reasons.

Activator Description:
Activator is a small application that allows you to disable programs that are running in the background.

Boot It Description:
Boot It will help you install Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with just eea19f52d2


FileZilla Password Recovery Tool is a software that recovers the username and passwords for FileZilla. It retrieves your host, port, login and password for FileZilla FTP accounts.
You only have to open the program, and pulse on the icon “Recover Passwords”. that simple. In synthesis, a tool that can take us out of a difficulty in more than an occasion. If you want to quickly recover your lost FileZilla passwords, FileZilla Password Recovery Tool is the tool to use.
FileZilla Password Recovery Tool has been tested with FileZilla (the latest version available) FTP accounts, which saves and shows the host, port, login and password for FileZilla FTP accounts.
You can recover your files, your host, your username and your password for any FileZilla FTP accounts.
FileZilla Password Recovery Tool Screenshot:

FileZilla Password Recovery Tool, at a glance:


I don’t have FileZilla but you might try this in the command line.
You can use the command line utility ‘net’ to download your files to a local file, then extract the password out of it:
c:\>net use z: \\ftp.server.com\folder\backup /user:user/pass /Save
c:\>ftp z:\

Here’s a reference for it:

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