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Step into the shoes of Dr. Green and experience the excitement of 8 different levels by solving the puzzles and battling deadly enemies! There is only one rule in Dr. Green – don’t be green when you die!

Dr.Green: The Game has a good story, nice gameplay, and colorful aesthetics. For a low price (about 10$), it is a good time killer. If you like platformer games and like the style and design of 8-bit games, Dr.Green is a game worth buying.

A fairly happy indie platformer from the developer of Dr.Green. 8 levels and a good story of going back in time to fix mistakes of the past. There is a bit of a rogue-like factor, but the levels are relatively short with some very well designed puzzles.

The series is the homage to “Worms” or “Angry Birds” which is the focus on this. The game involves the player to use an old-fashioned weapons to battle the enemy who is trying to stop the player from going through the time.

This game is a good entry into the series but a good challenge for the players.

Beware of the very annoying and annoying health stat display, the characters running into you every 30 seconds, and the “double jump” controller that’s a pinwheel that rotates around.

The story is fun and interesting, it’s not the greatest though. The main gameplay that separates it from the rest of the rogue-like games is that you must rescue a person instead of collecting hearts.

Somehow, I think this was the most solid game in the series. It’s a straight platformer with no “Worms”-like aspects to it. There’s no real “double jump” here, but there are some very interesting platforming sections. It’s a good game.

The game has a good story (compared to, say, the third entry in the series, which has little to no story at all), nice gameplay (and a very addictive “Stairs” mechanic), good puzzles, and colorful aesthetics. The price ($12) is more than fair for what you are getting (even with Steam’s store discounts taking a hefty chunk from that price). If you like platformer games or like the style and design of 8-bit games, Dr. Green is a


Rencounter Features Key:

  • Play a game is set in two different modes:
    In Normal Mode, depict the key events by following them from beginning to end. By doing this you will get 2x points as much as you achieve the Game Goal (choose was called it)
    If the time runs out, the game is over. In
    Side Mode, cannot use timer, but stop time automatically. The time is actually reduced according to the number of
    completed levels, points and coins.
  • Map Mode, can be used at anytime. When playing in
    Side Mode map mode, you must redraw individual map.
    It is different from Normal Map, in that you can change the
    scale and rotate. It is a map for eyes
    Map settings and way will affect the extent of every level, so
    can be fun for you.
  • Story Teller \u0027s main features

    • 6 special scenes; all kinds of combinations of the 90 cards over Come Bea game
      hopelessly crush, believe in yourself,
      everyone can
    • More than one hundred of tools
      can be used to animation creation, with
      various types of combos. You can use
    • How to play like turn-based RPG. you can
      choose 2 uses of labor. You can change the
      direction of labor at any time. Choose a group, and
      proceed every piece of the turn.
    • Deal with various events. You will not
      have a risk of getting into trouble with a fight
      or a strange encounter, in addition to the
      weapons you have. It is a game where there is no
      use of violence, but without
      another proper object
      how to avoid that situation
    • New style of presentation animation
      will keep you feeling happy any time
      a new experience the creation of “story

    Game Story Teller


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    Old Soviet war game.
    Fight against the German troops on the Soviet maps of the Great Patriotic War.
    – Informational map with all objects in the area, roads, rivers, etc.
    – Tools for using the game
    – Minimap with highlighted the area of combat
    – Weather conditions and the game day and night (day and night cycles)
    – Infantry and tank units are researched and developed
    – The German units are represented by 3 levels (corps, divisions and army units)
    – Great Patriotic War (1941)
    – Reconstructions of the battlefields and major historical events
    – Great attention paid to the reproduction of historical conditions
    – The battle of the defensive of 1941
    – In the combat process of the division not, only the interface and the game will be used, and the Soviets not, except as a tool
    – Undeveloped map development
    – Development of the mobilization process (preparation of the division for combat), can choose in the game either fully with all the equipment
    – Upgrade and development of the equipment
    – Development of the main weapon
    – Destruction of weapons
    – Repair of weapons
    – Loss of the enemy and the division
    – Historical events
    – The battle of the defensive of 1941
    – Play 1:1 with units
    The game is set in the time of the Great Patriotic War and at the beginning of 1941. Units of all branches of the USSR Armed Forces have been concentrated in the area of the Belgorodsk and Dubno – Kaban a left flank, near the Baltic coast, enemy took a bridgehead at Bolshoy Sabsk. The Germans have concentrated a total of 12 divisions there. Plan is to force the enemy to retreat further, taking him by storm from the frontline and once again cross the Vistula River.
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