Name LoveKami -Useless Goddess- Original Soundtrack
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Complete the Holiday Jigsaw Easter 2 in 10 hours!
The new Easter installment is now available to you! Pick up the holiday and brightly colored pieces, and complete Easter Jigsaw in the right order, put the right color pieces together, so the picture will open more often and will not be divided into segments!
Puzzle 1. Enjoy the images of Easter, Easter eggs and Spring flowers in pleasant, soft and bright colors.
Puzzle 2. Watch the sun rise over a meadow.
Puzzle 3. In the morning, a duck’s flight. The hunting is a good way to relax, especially after the holidays.
Puzzle 4. A family pose.
Puzzle 5. Family portrait.
Puzzle 6. In the garden, a walk.
Puzzle 7. Birds and rabbits on a snow-covered meadow.
Puzzle 8. In the meadow, ducks and snails.
Puzzle 9. Spring is finally here! Guests are arriving.
Puzzle 10. Step in the foot of the Easter Bunny.
Puzzle 11. Guests in the park.
Puzzle 12. Spring flowers.
Puzzle 13. Good.
Puzzle 14. Easter bunny and guests are riding in a carriage.
Puzzle 15. Easter bunny leaves a present.
Puzzle 16. Flowers and guests behind the dress.
Puzzle 17. Easter Bunny and guests are leaving.
Puzzle 18. The Easter Bunny leaves a gift.
Puzzle 19. Family portrait behind the backboard.
Puzzle 20. Family portrait with a cat.
Puzzle 21. Spring is here.
Puzzle 22. Spring flowers.
Puzzle 23. Family portrait.
Puzzle 24. Family portrait with the dog.
Puzzle 25. Easter Bunny, guests and baskets of Easter eggs.
Puzzle 26. Small candies for Easter.
Puzzle 27. Family portrait.
Puzzle 28. Flowers, Easter Bunny, guests, eggs and baskets.
Puzzle 29. Family portrait.
Puzzle 30. Flowers, Easter Bunny, guests, eggs and baskets.
Puzzle 31. Flowers and guests.
Puzzle 32. Egg hunt.
Puzzle 33. Easter Bunny in the park, by the lap.
Puzzle 34. Fall flowers, Easter Bunny, guests and baskets.
Puzzle 35. At the table, a family.
Puzzle 36. Family portrait with a cat.
Puzzle 37.


LoveKami -Useless Goddess- Original Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Stunning games, addictive game play, 3 unique bonus games and more!
  • A free 3 word guide to play!
  • Train and play the beautiful new Physics drop.
  • Easy access controls
  • Can be played on mobiles and Tablet PCs
  • If you’d like to know how to play the game check out the free
    3 word guide and have fun!