PlayFortress is a castle building game where the player controls characters such as the Lord, Master Mason and Engineer using them to construct elaborate castle fortifications and settlements whilst managing their economy. The inspiration for the game was to attempt something new with the castle building genre, to create a game focuses upon how castles were constructed during the medieval era. I’ve been playing this game all night. I’m 5 hours in now and this game deserves a 10 out of 10. I love it! The only thing is, the game doesn’t play on a schedule (it randomly generates a fortress). So if there is a new update from the Devs I will be sure to come back and update you on it. I’ve been playing this game all night. I’m 5 hours in now and this game deserves a 10 out of 10. I love it! The only thing is, the game doesn’t play on a schedule (it randomly generates a fortress). So if there is a new update from the Devs I will be sure to come back and update you on it. I’ve been playing this game all night. I’m 5 hours in now and this game deserves a 10 out of 10. I love it! The only thing is, the game doesn’t play on a schedule (it randomly generates a fortress). So if there is a new update from the Devs I will be sure to come back and update you on it. Really late to the game but definitely a must have! Love the way of generating a castle instead of designing one. Overall I think it’s a great game and it’s really fun! Just thought of something…how are the folks at Dev doing with the challenges? Any updates at all with the challenges? All I can say is well done. I love the game, but I can’t seem to find a way to submit to the developer, so I’m hoping someone else may be able to tell me how to do so. The castle is great looking, but I can’t seem to find the way to submit. Help? Well done folks, I love the looks of this one, the tools great and the action feels good. Great that the castle has the potential of interacting with other outposts; also nice to see that the dialog in certain parts of the castle reflect the info you have in your head about the place. As for the challenges – yes there is a little of that. You can sign up and play here:


Features Key:

  • Choose a dragon or a bonus. (flying : 8)
  • Choose monster strain: Human, Animal, Giant or Dragon (dpr_strain : 3)
  • Choose a level of dpr_lex (0 – 10)
  • Choose a level of hp_lex (0 – 10)
  • Choose a level of dpr_damage (0 – 5)
  • Choose a level of hp_damage (0 – 5)
  • Choose a level of crit_attack (0 – 5)


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With Spellpunk VR: The Shaman’s Masterpiece, you become a shamankh, a spellcaster in the style of the ancient Indian folk-tales and stories. Spellpunk VR is an indie VR experience like no other. You walk around, cast spells on enemy shamans, hack and slash your way to victory, and play in an entirely new way. In Spellpunk VR: The Shaman’s Masterpiece, you play a shaman wearing a VR headset and a camera following your movements, a stand-in for your eyes. As you explore the landscape, you use that camera to see what you are casting and the other shamans you are battling in virtual reality. You are the eyes and body, yet you are also the hands and eyes, controlling the game and battle in your VR headset. You stand tall and use your shamans powers to bring the enemy down from every angle, watch in awe as they are brought to the ground, and experience their power with you. You can cast spells. You do so by drawing them out of your character, into the world around you. Your character can point to and interact with spells that fill the world. Unleash the strength of your mind and body with the powers of your shamans and the might of the spirits of your World Tree. Spellpunk VR: The Shaman’s Masterpiece allows players to interact with spells in VR in a wholly unique way. No other VR games include this ability.> All Implemented Interfaces: Component<BidiEnabled> c9d1549cdd


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GOAL: Defeat BILLIONAIRE block by launching into a ball from the center and striking it into a side or a top, but it MUST ONLY BE OFF SIDE. Ball must hit 8 of 9 sides (if we are 8 or 9, any of the sides on this side will work) of the block. If it is blocked on the top, or top AND bottom, it can’t go to that side. If it is blocked on the side, it only has to be off the side OR SIDE to be a goal. So if the sides are open, it can be straight down the side on the bottom. After 8 blocks are destroyed, the next level is unlocked. The game continues in the same manner until 9 blocks are defeated, at which point, the game is over! There are 2 game modes: 1) Quick game. Play one level. 2) Endless game. Play 9 levels in a row. Play at your own pace. You can pause the game in between levels by holding down spacebar. Direction keys: LEFT: Move paddle left. RIGHT: Move paddle right. UP: Move paddle UP. DOWN: Move paddle DOWN. S: Set a target for the ball (the paddle). T: Timer, after x seconds, set another target for the ball. P: Print target. SQ: Set a record in the score. S: Show next level. M: Stop the game. Special note: There are several traps set up in this game and they are triggered by the ball. Touch any trap and you die. Traps are: Firewall. Fires ball as normal, but there is an invisible wall in front of it, destroying the ball. Blackhole. The ball makes a black hole, absorbing all the balls. Punisher. The ball fires and shoots out three balls (one behind the other). Trashcan. Fires back and destroys balls behind it. Teleport trap. Don’t touch! Collectible block. You can push this block and collect the balls. Turret. If the ball hits it, it shoots out the top 8 balls. Spaceship. Destroys balls behind it. Bomb. Destroys all of the balls behind it. Other: If your ball lands on the ball, the ball becomes a target for the paddle. You can use the A, C,


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    Zeus Quest (also known as ZeeQuest, Zeus Quest Remastered, and Zeus II: Quest for Zeus) is a real-time strategy videogame developed by The Indie Pogo and published by The Indie Pogo Group for Microsoft Windows and by Psytronik Software for mobile OS in 1990 and 1991. It was founded in Los Angeles by Chastity Jones and Jay Chapman in 1990. After seeing their final demo the Atari Corporation signed them as developers for the Atari Jaguar. While working on the game, they gained some additional help and switched publishers. The company ran into some financial troubles and lost most of the contracts from Atari. This prompted them to stop the project and create a new team at the Psytronik Group. In 2004, Psytronik Group re-published the game and later in 2005, they discontinued the project and The Indie Pogo Group signed the game to Glu Games and developed a port of the game. The game centered on a young boy named Zeus, who sets out to defeat a group of extraterrestrial invaders sent by their home planet Delphinium to colonize Earth. Gameplay During the game, the player is led through a series of battles against alien invaders, each in a different environment on Earth including deserts, jungles, and snow covered landscapes. Zeus Quest: Remastered has a series of levels and four difficulty settings. Many of the 16 levels are linked by hidden pathways. The player must take control of a descendant of the Grandpas from the original version, Zeus, during these levels. When the player reaches the end of a level, it is passed to another descendant of Zeus in an alternate universe. When the player is on the right path to return to the beginning of the level, they will have to pass through a portal, which functions in all levels as a warp point, to get back to the Grandpas’ past and continue. There is also an achievement, which points the player to four different portal places, which aren’t clearly marked on the screen. Challenges There are four challenges for the player to complete a level and gain a point. All challenges are worth a point and the player wins as many points as he/she can fulfill. A blue circle will appear when the player stands in front of a cone to avoid the falling debris, a white line will appear on the route to show the paths which will be blocked by falling obstacles, and a green line marks the safe path to walk. The first challenge


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    The rebirth of the RPG came with a fresh new concept of combining the innate gameplay of the classic fighter and the strategy of realtime-action games. “Epic Fantasy Wars” is a free-to-play RPG where you will fight your way through loads of creatures in a gorgeous 3D environment. Features: – An innovative combat system made of combinations of spells and weapons. – Gorgeous 3D environment to interact with the world. – Developed with some of the most popular games in the genre, such as Diablo and Temple Run, to ensure that you can get into the game right away. – An immersive campaign with more than 30 levels. – Collect gears, useful weapons and powerful armor to complete game achievements and evolve your unique character. – Band together with friends, and fight side by side with them. – Customize your character, choose your favorite weapon and level up to become the ultimate adventurer. – Compete for one of the best rankings on PS4. – Embark on a journey in a beautiful world filled with dangers!Ricci’s new work deals with his own views on knowledge, learning, the use and misuse of scientific and technical knowledge for political, social, economic, and moral ends and on the reception of Greek philosophy by the Renaissance. “Ricci abounds in images and ideas that are not found in any book. His essays on Plato and Socrates, as well as his justifications of the natural sciences are very modern.” – Giuseppe Alterio, New York Times “Ricci’s newfound faith in the ability of philosophy to guide society (a faith inherited from Renaissance humanism) is not based on the belief that science and technology are neutral, but rather that they can best be used to solve social and moral problems, not simply to empirically investigate nature.”- Bill Schweigert, University of Maryland “There is no other author of comparable note in whom we can find this mixture of learning and erudition; a cultivated elegance in his style; a vigorous boldness of diction; an unwearied charity and benevolence towards mankind; an undaunted courage to defend what he felt to be his own opinion; a sharp but no less patriotic independence; an easy and delicate grace of manner; the strongest zeal for the public good; the greatest condescension in his judgment of others; and the most unbounded liberality of thought.”


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