Lead the Noble House of Stryker as they strive to retake the throne in the first time-bending strategy game of its kind! Witness romance, betrayal, intrigue and the rise of an extraordinary new empire. ■ A Story Wholly Made Up of New Themes Love. Betrayal. Honor. Violence. A new empire rising… Let Cho Dengeki Stryker take you to a new empire’s story in a game that you can play on your home PC. ■ A Visual Novel with a Story You Make In the thick of action, develop your characters, then mold the fate of the land! Every decision makes a difference! Each heart you touch, their fate is determined. ■ Enjoy a Brief Story with Various Dialogues and Responses Plot twists and an exciting ending await you as you choose your paths! In the end, it’s how you choose to react that will determine the future of the land. ■ Keep Going for Extra Routes! The story continues on a myriad of different paths, even after the main plot has ended. They all have different endings, and each of them rewards you with new in-game items! ■ Tweak Your Characters through On-Screen Commands Players can take any character’s dialogue into their own hands to sway the action and move their hero. ■ Detailed Game System The heart-pounding game battles and the dynamic character interaction are brought to life with deeply authentic backgrounds and delightful cutscenes that move and flow smoothly. ■ The Characters and You Every character has their own personality, from the petulant boy and righteous soldier, to the tomboyish assassin and the lady-like noble. You play as these different characters, and their individual ways of thinking and acting will shape the game. ■ Your Choice is the Future In a game that is all about your choices and your ability to make them, what will you choose to accomplish? What will you choose to say? ■ The System Made for High-Speed Text-Input! During the high-speed action, the player enters text-input commands through the keyboard that is as easy to use as the action commands. ■ And Also… Freely available! Find out more about the characters and the systems through the game’s “Interface” and “Character Encyclopedia” interfaces, plus other items, at the game’s official website. ■ PC Notes Official Soundtrack: Download the game


Features Key:

  • Original 15 tracks from the classic Blue Oyster Cult album.
  • Delve back into the original spirit of early ’70s rock music.
  • Choose your own difficulty level – Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, or Rock Solid.
  • Different song/instrument combinations.
  • Choose from the original* or the remastered version of the album (Menu).
  • Play along using chords from the game and a song-by-song interactive guitar-tab display (all the way to the tips of the rhythm and the melody).
  • Build your library by recording and sharing tracks you play.
  • Original Blue Oyster Cult Album

    • Live in London – February, 1978
    • MeanTweak
    • Touch and Go
    • Godzilla
    • Come Together
    • Godzilla II (Single B side)
    • You’ve Been Thrown Away
    • Alien-Like Plants
    • Mr. Metaphor
    • Tell ‘Em I’m Gone
    • Cosmic Trigger

    Remastered Blue Oyster Cult Album

    • Mean Anything?
    • You’ve Been Thrown Away
    • You’ve Been Thrown Away
    • Trying to Break Even
    • Strange Highways
    • Tell ‘Em I’m Gone
    • Yesterday’s Modern Modern Man
    • You’ve Been Thrown Away
    • Touch and Go
    • Live in London – February, 1978

    Blue Oyster Cult – BOC

    Blue Oyster Cult – A New Kind of Truth

    Blue Oyster Cult – Electrifying



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    The dawn of the Third Reich is here. The new Battlefield V combines stunning World War II settings and fast-paced action to deliver a visceral combat experience. World War II has arrived. Join the fight across Europe and North Africa, from snowy mountains to deep forests, all while experiencing a vast array of new and classic gameplay features. Strike from land, sea, and air against foes that won’t give you a rest. Switch between game modes, and play solo or co-op with up to six players in the new Squad system. With deep strategic customization, and unique class-based gameplay, Battlefield V empowers players to impact the outcome of battle. The game is available on Origin for the PC and Xbox One. PC and Xbox players can preorder the game starting today. For PS4, the game is available for pre-order on PlayStation Store. Pre-orders include a bonus, the “Steel Bismarck” premium tank, available exclusively on the EA Access and Origin Access on Xbox and Origin. War Stories WWII was an era of great dramas. Just as it was heading into its twilight, it was a time of great changes for the armies of Europe. It was also a time of great technological advancements, which had a major effect on combat. As the Wehrmacht drew its forces north and advanced into Russia, conflict became an escalating global conflict. As the Allies climbed to heights of military success, a seemingly unstoppable momentum was set to sweep across France and push Germany back from the Western front. Battlefield V brings back this fascinating period in history, and it re-imagines the entire conflict for the modern generation. From the sweltering heat of Africa, to the blizzards of Russia, the game recreates the historical conflicts with spectacular graphics, cutting-edge sound, and accessible gameplay. With all gameplay content unlocked from the get-go, there is no waiting for players to unlock content. Any player can play from the moment they start the game. Enter mankind’s greatest conflict across land, air, and sea with all gameplay content unlocked from the get-go. Choose from the complete arsenal of weapons, vehicles, and gadgets, and immerse yourself in the hard-fought battles of World War II. Stand out on the battlefield with the complete roster of Elites and the best customization content of Year 1 and Year 2. About This Game: The dawn of the Third Reich is here. The c9d1549cdd


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    published:24 Oct 2012 views:6476516 When the world goes to hell in a hand basket, as they say, it’s time for payback. For those left living in the crumbling remains of society, it’s you and you alone who are going to get the job done. Imagine a world long past recovery where everyone has turned in to a cold blooded killer of vicious creatures from beyond. Well to make things easier in a world gone mad you’ll get the job done with ease. All you need are the right weapons and skill for a job well done. It’s a new kind of zombie game in a very different kind of world. Pervert The term pervert is also used, especially by men, to describe a person who is sexually deviant (having non-progressive sexual interests), although it has been appropriated by radical feminists to describe any woman who disagrees with their ideas about sex. It is popular among conservative Catholics to accuse those on the “gay” side of being “perverts” or “fags”, and the word “fag” itself is used to mean a gay man who dresses stylishly and is uncool. A pervert’s hand, by this definition, is the genital organ involved in sexual activity. Etymology The word “pervert” is derived from the French verb pervertir (as in invertir le sens, or to invert), from Latin pervertere. As an adjective, the root of pervert or invert is invertere, and the earliest known occurrence of it is in Quintilian’s Institutio Oratoria (AD 70) — he says that those versed in the art of rhetoric know how to “invert” the sense of a passage. The classical root or root word is invertere (“to turn”), but not all instances of this are in relation to rhetoric, and the French verb of the same root is not always synonymous with it. The writer and philosopher Montaigne was noted as a pervert in his time. Etymology of “Pervert” “Pervert” is a very old word, first appearing in the early 13th century, and having a familiar word form present since the 14th century. It entered Middle English as “pervyrd,” and it is etymologically related to Latin perverse or


    What’s new:

    As of version 0.99.32, I have the full original (lossless) soundtrack for you to enjoy. This version of the soundtracks is a cumulative patch of every future patch. Please do note that I can’t upload the original game files to my server anymore. ★ Soundtrack Mastered By : Abby McManus & Dr.Aveen Exterior Upgraded the Slow Layer (BGM) input to a better MAXpedromatic piano roll. Dramatically upgraded the Maxpedromatic volume slider to make the larger than previously covered area much more audible. Used High-pass filter on the Atmosphere Ambience sweeps and used a new property on the Maxpedromatic “Sound Magenta”, which allows me to use the omnipresent Black Hole sounds from the game. The new property covers the “Sound Bell”, “Sound Bomb”, “Sounddash”, “Soundfart”, “SoundGame”, “SoundTunnel” and “SoundSplinter” sounds in the game. Also, you can still remove this property if you want the DOOM-like Maxpedromatic sounds, but the output will sound less awesome than in this post by Dr.Aveen Exterior. Also, exported this mix 4.1 but its in 5.1 for you. So choose what you want to play in your system. Upgraded the Electric Oscillator (E.O.) to a new patchable output with an option for bandwidth (limited at 64K). This allows me to record the output to the Overlay using Pro X which is a great add-on for the output patch. ♫ A recorded lossy but not compressed original mix with the 4.1 option ♫ Upgraded the Maxpedromatic to a new multifunction patch with the added properties of “Sound Magenta” and “Compression Rate”. I’ve made a couple small tweaks to match my new arrangement. This patch can be used in Pro Tools as usual, but please note a lossless version comes out in a couple months. ☆ Soundtrack Mastered By : Pawel Grzybowski Used the Peak “Sound Magenta” in a similar setting and processed the output using Pro Tools. ★ Soundtrack Mastered By : M.J.


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    Xia: Legends of a Drift System is an interactive sandbox based game that puts the player into the role of captain of a small spaceship. – Explore the procedurally generated galactic cluster system of Elysium – Randomly generated ships, galaxy maps, sectors, exploration, and hard-core action – 3-5 player competitive multiplayer with single player sandbox options – PvP tournaments against other players – Take part in dogfights in dangerous caves and ship-to-ship combat – Mod support, modding community already starting to support it Xia: Legends of a Drift System is the first of many planned content updates for Tabletop Simulator. Xia: Legends of a Drift System includes: — Randomly generated sectors, planets, asteroids and stars — Automated planetary generation system — Randomly generated deep space maps — Procedurally generated wormholes and system gates — Eight race classes — Free roam system with explore/exploit/exploit/explore gameplay – Exploration and harvesting – Combat system – Procedurally generated worlds – Free roaming – Sandbox mode and mission objectives – Galactic cluster systems that also includes randomized star systems – Random events that trigger on planet and star – Caves that contains traps and monsters – Ship built using core ship classes – In game debug mode that has a debug mode display system – Automated ship movement and movement control – Exo-suit type systems – Starbase systems – Mapping and texturing of the galaxy with tilesets and maps – Character customization – Text in game chat and voice chat – Guild wars There is also going to be a story for each race. New skins, textures, and sounds for ship, race, core ship classes, environments and lots more is coming in future updates. Note: Due to the switch to a new engine, the game is not developed in a professional way. However, we are going to work our hardest to make the best experience out of it. ————————————————- Release notes for version 1.2.1 – All exo suit abilities now provides its own heat, while the original exo-suit works with the character’s body temperature – Two planets added for each race. – New adventure cards to select from the start. – New races and ships. – New missions. – Added exo suit abilities. – Added new background music. – Have fun! ————————————————-


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    bth_2011_09_01: open.i7b
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    Designed for 4K gaming at the ultra high settings of 4xMSAA, Wide-screen mode and 2560×1440 resolution. A combination of DirectX 12 and Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology drives smooth, tear-free, silky-smooth gaming with no screensaver. This system features high-end components and ultra fast storage. It’s designed for gaming in the living room on 4K, widescreen displays. It includes a completely redesigned, multi-layered game display with a total resolution of 4K with Quad HD resolution.