SimpleActivityLogger is a lightweight application that tracks certain events for all users that are using the same system. Because it’s not a keylogger, the app cannot be hidden or remotely operated. Recommended for users that want to track the times that other users spent on their PC. More information about SimpleActivityLogger
SimpleActivityLogger is available for:

PaintPerobActivityLogger is a lightweight Windows software application that allows you to track the activity on your computer with paint strokes.
If you’re into graphic design, this application can help you keep track of your works. Whether it’s just the number of time you spend on your computer or the actual paint strokes, this application can track all of it.
You can start tracking with one stroke, and you can even increase the sensitivity of the app in order to improve the tracking accuracy. The app can track different brushes, and you can even enable multiple color tracking, like if you were using a paintboard.
To uninstall the app, you just need to click on the trash icon. It’s that simple.
PaintPerobActivityLogger Features:
PaintPerobActivityLogger is a simple, lightweight application that allows you to track the activities on your computer with paint strokes.
• Track time with paint strokes: you can track paint strokes just like a stopwatch. It will even stop and restart when you double-click the mouse.
• Track color with paint strokes: you can track the color used to fill the canvas with paint strokes. If you need, you can even disable the whole tracking, just by unchecking the desired option.
• Multiple brushes: you can customize the number of brushes tracked. For example, you can enable one, two, or four brushes, and all of them will be tracked.
• Toolbars: track in toolbar.
• Start tracking with one stroke: just click the button, and you’ll start tracking paint strokes. You can also double-click the mouse to start tracking.
• Stop tracking with one stroke: just click the button, and you’ll stop tracking paint strokes. You can even double-click the mouse to stop the tracking.
• Schedule: you can track the activity during a certain time of the day, or even schedule it for multiple days.
• Track multiple computers: you can track all the computers that are running the application, or only one of them.
• Track multiple users: you can enable the tool for each user. eea19f52d2

Dropkicks is a software development kit to make developing games with Java

Download Dropkicks


Dropkicks is a software development kit to make developing games with Java. It supports direct-to-PC development, with the possibility of including native plugins, similar to what Flash does with its plugins.
It is especially good for developing the graphics-intensive and/or offline parts of a Java game. A key to using Dropkicks is its ease-of-use and speed, which is clearly better than JavaME’s previous IDEs. Some developers have even switched completely from JavaME to Dropkicks.

This program has a straightforward interface that makes it possible to access all the program’s menus and features.
The tools are all grouped in logical categories, which simplifies the navigation through the menus and the program. A nice touch is the “features” window, which shows the current status of the program and allows you to change the settings for a plugin.
You can run the program in many different modes, and there are several ways to save your progress, such as saving to the program’s folder, a USB flash memory, or even to a network drive.
The program offers support for debugging, profiling, and other forms of performance analysis. The methods used for these analyses are detailed in the programmer’s manual.
If your game crashes, you can always use the log window to find out why.
There are also some tutorials for beginners, and the program’s source code is available for inspection.

Dropkicks supports many different audio formats, including WAV, MP3, OGG, FLAC, AAC, AIFF, and APE, among others.
It is not able to display or save images, so if you want to use them in your game, you should convert them to another format using an image converter.

What’s New in Dropkicks

Version 5.4 is available as a free upgrade to Dropkicks 5.3.3.
There are no additional functions, but the interface was completely rebuilt. It includes a new look, menu grouping, faster navigation and performance improvements.

Version 5.3.3 is a free upgrade to Dropkicks 5.3.2.
It adds a few new features, including the ability to display the progress of a tool, and a new tutorial to help you start using Dropkicks. It is also possible to export progress, allowing you toг±ol-mega/

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