Mid/Treble & Transients softening technology is now available at your fingertips through G-Sonique Digital Instrument’s VST plugin – TrebleCream. One of the most vexing thing in sound/music are for sure sharp, astringent and screaming mid-trebles and distorted transients.
From your commixing experiences you probably ken frequent situation that everything sounds good, instruments are balanced, good compressed and equalized but if you optate to have clear and paramount overall commix then mid-trebles are ineluctably very sharp, screaming and distorted – and you don’t ken how to make them softer and more delectable.







TrebleCream Crack + X64

TrebleCream is an award winning plugin which makes your mid/treble/transients softening simply fun to play with.
TrebleCream provides the following softening features:
– 6 bands of softening control: Mid/Middle – Mid/Treble + Transients (Low/Mid/Mid/High/Low/Mid)
– 13 bespoke presets / 2 softening curves
– Presets apply to all mix state
– Presets apply to all effect state
– Integrated stats and sliders, separate stats/sliders
– Inputs include; LFO, MIDI notes on, faders, dry/wet, pitch
– Outputs include; LFO, MIDI, MIDI notes off, compressor ratio, fader,
– EQ curve settings: Q,c,s and m
– EQ settings: Wet/Dry, Q, c, s, M and f
– A wide range of options can be created by mixing and tweaking the preset presets.
– Tremolo also included
Download the plugin and have fun!
Plug-in-able (VST & AU) for Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 8 64 bit / Windows 10 64 bit
Download : G-Sonique Webmaster

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TrebleCream Full Version [32|64bit]

With TrebleCream Torrent Download from G-Sonique Digital Instrument all your problems are gonna be gone. VST TrebleCream Crack Mac plugin is amazingly simple and highly flexible tool to give you instant control over mid/treble and transients softening. With it, in a few quick and easy steps, you’ll be able to indulge yourself with incredible bass and treble toning solutions and adjust sound parameters according to your personal preferences, mood or complete musical genres.
Real-time control of all TrebleCream parameters:
Tone Control – Mid/Treble softening and transients shaping. TrebleCream is designed to tone Mid/Treble as well as Transients – from tiny tweaks to extreme bass-n-treble treatments.
Transient Control – Enhances the contrast between your snare drum and kick drum. Alphas Controls – TrebleCream features six threshold controls which allow you to match the transients of your snare and kick drum, as well as slowly raise them up while preserving the overall “nasal” character of your drum kit. Bass Enhancer – Expand the low end of your drum kit without over or under amplifying your bass instruments. Leave your bass peaks alone, but expand the low frequency range and boost low-frequency sounds, regardless of level setting or guitar or snare frequency. This is your ultimate low-end bass amplifier!
– TrebleCream – A VST VST/AU plugin.
– Constant Feedback.
– Analog and digital inputs.
– Constant Feedback.
– Several output routings are available depending on your needs.
– Dynamic loudness level.
– Various automation possibilities.
– Stable performance for mobile use.
– Support DDP and MP3 files.
– Free of cost
Check out the demo video below.
This sound module work for both Windows and MAC Platforms. And we are also offering the best-seller license for both Windows and MAC platforms. The license package is available in two types
Pricing and sales of our digital sound and music plugins have increased greatly lately, as our software has been used by a growing number of producers, musicians, podcasters, and game developers.
Due to the wide range of our products, and the increasing demand, we are now offering a digital license for the sound module. This offer allows you to use the plug-in with your own registered/ purchased license number, or you may apply the license directly on the

TrebleCream Serial Key

The plugin based softener technology that would soften treble, mid-treble, mid-treble and transients will make you have faster commixing with a broader overall commix, making your mix more pleasant to listen to.
It is a universal technology that does not only support 2-Dimensional (2D) or 3-Dimensional (3D) audio objects but also supports any other format.
The plugin will not only reduce treble but also mids and transients, giving you a smoother and more soft commixing experience.
Just simply feed the input and output to hear the difference – very fast commixing with smoother and more even commix with a remarkable end result!
More Features:
►8 different techniques to apply the treble softener effect, depending on your needs
►Also able to apply treble softener to transients
►The plugin is very easy to operate and manage, just select the “Soften” mode you want, punch in an input/output and voila
►Make sure you start listening to the input or output of the plugin, and then punch in the input or output of your DAW and hear the difference
►Try it on different audio applications, we assure you the plugin would work on any DAW
►Portable and easy to use, you could take the plugin with you and just start softening the mids and transients!
►Offline mode work in any audio application, including VST plugins,
►The plugin has a very intuitive graphical display and button to press to commix or adjust the treble softener effect in real time
►Allows to use the plugin on any other audio device, including headphones, earphones, speakers, laptop, desktop, mobile phones
TrebleCream Universal 2D and 3D Audio Softener Plugin

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What’s New In?

Perfect mid-treble, low-treble softening/attenuating technology for music production and sound recording for your need to reduce sharp mid-treble and transients and even the fact that compressed recordings cause over-high mid-treble in music production, tracks or mixdown of compressed recordings with TrebleCream in your DAW will enhance the clarity, the fullness and produce a more acceptable natural sound.
TrebleCream is a plugin that can be used for enhancing the natural sound of your music production or sound recordings.
The idea of this plugin has to solve a challenge when treating the low and mid-treble frequencies on recordings. Recordings nowadays always have a certain amount of sharp high frequencies that are either present in the source itself, and/or have been processed using a high fidelity processor.
This plugin is therefore a helping hand to transfer a smooth, natural sound that will enable your mix to remain smooth without overloading the mix with unnecessary high frequencies and harsh peaks.
TrebleCream will not result in a blunt recording that cannot have over-high mid-treble on the mixdown.
Reasons for the use of TrebleCream:
– High resolution high quality mid-treble filters and transients-softening filter with ultra low-noise, high quality of sound quality that will not overheat your ears and add a natural delectable sound to your mix
– Works in any sound environment, whether at the recording/reproduction process or if its a finished song.
– All settings on each filter can be controlled through the GUI of the plugin or with LFOs/Modulators
– Works with any DAW or soft instrument/note that has mid-treble (instruments, pianos, etc)
– Full low and mid-treble softening designed to make everything smooth.
– Designed for professional mastering studios.
– Mastering and E-Q plugins for sound engineers.
– VST plugin – easy to install in Windows operating system that is running Windows 2000 or newer.
– Output: plug-in output and also as I/O (D/A & A/D) so both ends are available for use
– Modern, simple design
More information:


System Requirements For TrebleCream:

OS : Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit)
: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 (64-bit) Processor : Intel Core i3, i5 or i7
: Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 Memory : 6 GB RAM
: 6 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, ATI Radeon HD 7870, or AMD Radeon HD 7950
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660, ATI Radeon HD 7870, or AMD Radeon HD 7950 DirectX: