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Do you have a problem with your staff so they are always taking leave or volunteering for extra hours? You need to ensure that your staff are always available and productive, and you have to pay for their time whilst they are not working. You need a system that will ensure that your staff are always available and will work out for you! Your staff have to enter in the exact start and end of their shift, and your operators have to enter in all their hours so you know what they actually did, and when! You want simple and easy to manage, you don’t want your operatives checking and unchecking. You want a system that will reduce your business mistakes, you want staff availability so you can ensure your operators are always productive! You want a system that you will be able to pay and/or manage online. You need a system that will allow staff to calculate their total earnings so you can pay online. You want a system that is quick, simple and easy to use, you don’t want to be sending out updates or enquires to find out your staff’s availability. You want a system that you can download and install on any server, laptop or tablet! You want a system that is easy for anyone to use, create appointments, rosters, schedules, pay and manage staff! You want a system that has a free trial and allows you to have a free 15 day trail so you can see if it is right for your business. You want a system that can calculate pay per minute, hour, day, weekly, monthly, annual and even hospital rates! For further information on Roster Faster, click here to access the official website: Requirements: ■ A web server – or ■ Your database – MySql ■ PHP, Perl, Java, C++, Access,.Net or whatever they are called 🙂 ■ JDBC driver for database to connect to ■ Windows Server 2003 or later ■ WAMP, XAMPP or LAMP ■ Microsoft Outlook or other similar program to manage the user accounts. ■ POP3 or IMAP mail account for users to send and receive mail. ■ Core knowledge on how to create a database in MySQL, of course! ■ Download Roster Faster at the official website:

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“Roster Faster Product Key” is a time and attendance software that will help you manage your employees more efficiently. It is suitable for all positions, even the complicated ones. For you to be ready before the first day of the new working week and after the last one, “Roster Faster” automatically updates the staff calendar, automatically sets the availability or not of the employee. It is 100% FREE, fully responsive, mobile optimized and 100% effective! This does not result in lower productivity – it actually improves it. “Roster Faster” is perfect for: ■ Restaurants ■ Schools ■ Gym, Health Clubs ■ Retail ■ Vacations and other businesses that you might have. Unique Features: ■ Dynamic Staff Roster ■ Dynamic Staff Availability ■ Staff Availability Scheduling ■ Autonomous Staff Scheduling ■ Payroll Prediction ■ Staff Team Register ■ Lightning speed reporting ■ Easy for anyone to install and use ■ Learn it in minutes! ■ FREE SUPPORT Roster Faster was the first app to do this! We are very happy to announce the release of Roster Faster v.2.3.2. This new release will fix some issues and add some functionality. – Get notified when a new version of Roster Faster is released by subscribing to our mailing list. – This version has new Todo Items for restaurants, bars and clubs, you can create new tasks and assign them to staff, click on a task to view a full overview. New in version 2.3.2: – Fix issue with importing Payroll and Statistic files – Fix issue with the “Staff Background” color – Fix the “Check availability” status on the front-end – Fix the “Swimsuit icon” on the front-end – Fix issue when adding an employee to a task – Fix issue with staff availability – Fix the addition of new employee to database Restaurant / Bar / Nightclub: – Fix feature for adding and deleting employee – Fix issue when creating a task – Fix issue when adding an employee to a task – Fix issue when editing a task – Fix issue with employee availability – Fix issue when deleting a task – Fix issue when adding a new employee to a task – Fix issue with the color of the 2f7fe94e24

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Roster Faster is probably the easiest to use time and attendance management software. Created specifically for small business operators, retailers, and restaurant owners – you can easily save two hours a week, or more! Here are some key features of “Roster Faster”: ■ Dynamic Staff Roster ■ Dynamic Staff Availability ■ Availability Scheduling ■ Payroll Prediction ■ Staff Team Register ■ Lightning speed reporting ■ Code to ensure proper data entry ■ Easy for anyone to install and use ■ Learn it in minutes! ■ FREE SUPPORT Infinite Records Time & Attendance Software Timesheet is the #1 Payroll & Time Tracking Solution. Infinite Records is a feature of Timesheet. Payroll & Time Tracking Software Timesheet is the #1 Payroll & Time Tracking Solution. Infinite Records is a feature of Timesheet. Payroll & Time Tracking SoftwareAlabama holds 117,000 acres of public land, yet only 20,000 are being currently developed for outdoor recreation, according to a new report. “With much of this land being idle for a large part of the year, the opportunity for outdoor recreation will be in short supply for future generations, unless steps are taken now,” said the report by the nonprofit Auburn University Center for Study of Southern Culture. The report looked at the state’s public lands and conditions that could potentially boost outdoor recreation use, such as unspoiled open space, poor water quality and the opening of new state parks. The study found that Alabama has about 4 million acres of undeveloped public lands and recreation opportunities totaling 19.7 million acre-feet, or the equivalent of about 6.6 billion gallons of water. The report said that of that figure, only about 20,000 acres are currently used for outdoor recreation, and just one percent of the state’s public lands, or about 20,000 acres, are open to public use 24 hours a day during all seasons. “We are investing in unspoiled lands and fostering opportunities for people to come together to enjoy the outdoors,” the report said. “With a healthy place for humans to enjoy nature, Alabama has a responsibility to preserve natural lands for future generations.” Alabama State Parks represent nearly a third of the state’s usable open

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Roster Faster is a perfect time and attendance application for retailers and restaurants. It helps you track the availability of staff and minimizes the absence risk. It also supports a full vacation scheduling, flexible payment, GST, and all major holiday scheduling. It is also easy to install and operate. With the attendance tracking, you can easily prepare your payroll. It provides you the ability to control the booking conditions as well as a cancel condition. This application is designed for you to pay the right staff at the right time. If you need some help with it, you can contact our customer support. Roster Faster features: ■ Dynamic staff roster ■ Dynamic staff availability ■ Fully customizable ■ 7 day vacation booking ■ GST reporting ■ Allow employee to register to different organization ■ Can be installed on local or server ■ Highly customizable ■ Quickly up to start ■ Easy and powerful ■ Better than Excel and other time trackers Roster Faster Evaluation: Roster Faster is a great time and attendance application that makes your life easy. It is a perfect solution for retailers and restaurant owners. Here are some insights you can get from it: ■ Build a direct access to your employees and easy to track their availability. ■ Explore all the valuable information and performance metrics. ■ Make your business more efficient and productive. ■ Easily reports and produce a perfect payroll every month. ■ Outstanding report generating ability! ■ Produce amazing reports and charts like never before. ■ Send your staff daily and weekly reports. ■ 7 days vacation booking. ■ Flexible payment system. ■ Workforce analysis. ■ Super simple interface. ■ Easy to install and operate. ■ Multi-language support. ■ Configurable. ■ Fully tested and support. ■ PayPal integration. ■ Great customer support. ■ Intuitive user interface. ■ Easy to learn and use. If you are interested in this application, please just contact us now! ■ We also have a number of coupons, offers and deals available. ■ Best Price Guarantee! Roster Faster Social Links:

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PC: OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core i5-3300 Memory: 8 GB Graphics: DirectX 11 DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband Internet connection Storage: 1 GB available space Mac: Mac: OS X 10.7 Lion (64-bit) Mac: i5 Processor Mobile: iOS (iPhone, iPad): iOS 5.1 iOS: iPhone 3G Android: 2.2