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This free app includes 24 prayer times (including Fajr, Dhuhr, Maghrib and Isha) for all time zones. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, for both Arabic and English languages. The user simply has to tap on the selected time, and the app will show the complete prayer text or translations. The prayer times are sorted by the prayer sun time (hourly times).
IslamPrayer is a professional Arabic-English Dictionary app with more than 20.000 entries. You can browse through the alphabet for an item, or search for it by looking it up or by typing the word you are looking for.
The app was created by an Arabic to English dictionary team who wanted a comprehensive Arabic to English dictionary. IslamPrayer covers more than 20.000 entries and is available in many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Italian.
The app includes many features including:
– Browse through the alphabet to look up words by letter or to find words starting with a given letter or the name of an object;
– Search for an item by typing the word you are looking for or looking it up by looking it up or by typing the first letter.
– Browse through the list and see the translations of words, categories, subcategories, similar words and translations of the letters.
– Use the bookmark function to save frequently searched for words or words that will be searched again later.
– Use the dictionary.
– Read the prayers at the right time (time settings)
– Sort the entries by alphabetical order, English translations, subcategories or by the cost in which the word is used in the Qur’an (quran coverage).
– Show a picture of the word you are looking for so that you can look it up in the dictionary or scan it.
Download Islamic Prayer Times for free and explore it.
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The special edition is the real and most important original English text of the prayer times, and its lexical, grammatical and pronouncing features as well as the correct calculation of the prayer times are also a remarkable characteristic of the original text.
It is an international world-wide standard for English speaking Muslims which provides the modern English speaking and Islamic Community with information about Islamic religious activities and events. The al Jumu’a calendar is a Muslim holy day which defines a time for prayer for those who are neither at their own home nor in a mosque.
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Features Of Islamic Prayer Times For Android and IOS:
The application supports multiple languages and displays the current time. It supports a variety of events such as daily and monthly and also supports a variety of different weather conditions including temperature, humidity and many more. It also supports the prayer timings by providing the Islamic prayer times. You can also directly use your phone as a speaker.
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What’s New in the?

Prayer Times for a Glorious Islam
With no doubt that the worship of Muslims has no compromise for a wide range of options to decide about, we are here with another interesting area of study for you.
The famous Islamic Prayer Times are written here that are absolutely beneficial to your life. The thing to remember is that there are certain times when Muslims are supposed to pray, such as the time of the day, month and year that is required for their prayers.
Through these features you will be able to decide about the time and day for every prayer in a very convenient way. With a click of the mouse you can quickly find out whether it is the time of the day for prayer or not.
These times can be conveniently decided upon based on your personal life. You can find yourself a convenient set of times and arrange your life according to them, for instance you can decide about when to pray on the first day of the month.
This app is also amazingly convenient in terms of deciding about the month and year for your prayers. Considering you are dealing with dates here, this is the place where you can get one of the best options available for you.
Converting Islamic Prayer Times to other time and day
However, just because you have seen the time and day for a particular prayer, doesn’t mean that you have seen the format. To be more specific, we have come up with this comprehensive feature of Islam Prayer Times that are entirely unique.
The thing that all these have in common is that they are written in the Gregorian calendar. However, the way it is being written is the Islam Prayer Times that is entirely simple to understand.
For example, you are required to find the day or month to which the Islamic Prayer Times has been written, then based on it, find out the current day or month. You will then get one of the best pieces of information for you.
Islamic Prayer Times for any possible day and month
If you have the reference of the day and month that the Prayer Times is written, you can find it with ease. Thus, you can easily find out what time it is for your prayer without having to leave your chair.
This is the kind of thing that you can easily find this application and even handle without any difficulties. All you need to do is getting into it, and start to serve your time of prayer.
Islamic Prayer Times for all daily prayers
If you are interested in knowing about prayer times for any daily prayers, then you may be concerned

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