Include KEYMACRO.TXT to generate the unique KEYMACRO code for encrypting.
Free to use for home use and commercial applications

All versions of Mozilla Firefox


KeyGenPro – Electronic Textbook
This electronic textbook is a project of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
You must own a copy of a text to use this.

KeyGenPro is a full-featured web-based application that lets you perform encryption/decryption in the browser. It can be used to generate public-key cryptographic keys or to exchange encrypted messages with others.
The application features an easy-to-use interface and a friendly default key file (whose size is just an octet), so you won’t have to bother about many technical details. All the major types of encryption schemes, like RSA, Diffie-Hellman and DSA, are supported.
The KeyGenPro software is free of charge, but it is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

This is a GUI implementation of a random number generator as defined by
“Algorithms for Randomizing Machines” by R. L. Rivest and A. Shamir.
It is a stand-alone application, not dependent on another program, and
implements an interface that enables it to be used from within a program.
The interface was inspired by the existing CryptGenRandom and CngGenRandom
implementations, but was heavily modified to take advantage of the
capabilities of the X11 Window System.
The software is written in C and compiled as a shared library. It has been tested on
all Intel IA32 and IA64 platforms.

This project was created by a participant of another project called the EOS project. You can find the project here:

Open Hacking Lab
Philip Lalonde, Kostya Sirotkin, Scott Crenshaw 384a16bd22

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The KEYMACRO for Windows is a freeware software that allows you to save your current keyboard shortcuts or global keyboard shortcuts as macro in a separate folder.KEYMACRO allows you to save your current keyboard shortcuts or global keyboard shortcuts as a macro in a separate folder.
Keyboard shortcuts act as default actions for any action on the computer. When you do any action, KeyMacro will capture all these actions and store it as a macro.
KeyMacro is helpful when you have to do the same action over and over again or for when you have to enter a long code such as an IMEI number.
How to Install:
1. Download and unzip the folder.
2. Double-click “KEYMACRO.EXE” to run the software.
3. Choose a name for the Macro file.
4. Select “Clear all” or “Save in” for the location.
5. Click “Save” to save the macro in the “Macro Files” folder.
6. To confirm, Click “OK”.
Features of KEYMACRO:
* Save your keyboard shortcuts as a macro and use as default action.
* Previews the macro file to ensure that it is working properly.
* Clear all to clear all Macros.
* Clear User to clear the default macros for the current user.
* Clear All to clear all the Macros.
* Save in to choose a location for the macro.
* Each keyboard shortcut is listed as one row of the list.
* Multi-task
* Import/Export
* Download a current macro file
* Restore all the Macros
* Merge/Split macros
* Reset/Delete Macros
1. Run the KEYMACRO for Windows as an administrator to enable macro creation.
2. When running the software for the first time, a default macro will be created automatically. You have to delete this file to clear all the Macros.
3. If you select “Save in” while importing the macros, all the existing macros will be overwritten.
4. In the top right corner of the dialog, you can see the location of the macro file.
5. “Close” or “Ok” button will save the macro as it is.
6. If the macro file is opened by KEYMACRO, you can “Download”