• System Requirements: Requires Android OS 4.0 or higher.
• Number of devices detected: 1
• Number of language support: 1 (English)
• Number of country: 1 (United Kingdom)
• Number of currency: 1 (GBP)
• Currency: GBP
• Language: English
• Language: English (United Kingdom)
• Currency: GBP
• Currency: GBP
• Market version: 1.0
• Version: 1.0
• Android version: 4.4 or higher
• Android version: 4.4 or higher

Keymacro is a free app which helps you enter the correct time and date on your phone. This application, with its convenient interface, allows you to set your language, your time zone and currency in just a few minutes.

Keymacro displays a simple and intuitive interface with a clear and comprehensible layout. It is accessible and simple to use.

The application takes advantage of the hardware and software characteristics of Android smartphones and tablets.

Keymacro automatically recognizes the time and date.

Keymacro requires no access to the internet or social networks and it is completely free.

With Keymacro you can:
• Set the current time and date and time zone
• Automatically set the clock for time zones
• Have your time and date automatically synchronized
• Set the clock to your favorite times
• Choose between 12, 24 or 36 hour mode
• Choose from a wide selection of clock faces
• Choose between night mode and day mode
• Set alarms
• Manage clocks and time zones (all time zones are supported)
• Choose between a round, square, rectangular or square clock face
• Change the text size
• Change the text color
• You can save your time and date settings

Thank you for your kind support! If you like this application, please consider writing a review.

If you like Keymacro or have any suggestions or comments please contact us at [email protected]

If you find any bugs in Keymacro please let us know and if possible you can send a crash report to [email protected] to help us make the application better!

Keymacro Description

• System Requirements: Requires Android OS 4.0 or higher.
• Number of devices detected: 1
• Number of language support: 1 (English)
• Number of country: 1 (United Kingdom) 384a16bd22

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The key is designed in a modular way so that it can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used as a standard keyboard macro, or as a simple key-to-sequence converter. This is achieved by a simple method of “cutting and pasting”.
The debugger has two configurable parameters:
[url= Debugger[/url]
The first is the variable name for the user-provided list of variables. The variable names are placed inside an array and this array is used as an argument list to the DEBUG command. The DEBUG command can be a simple printf statement, a C-style function call, or a reference to a block of C code.
The second configurable parameter is a list of handlers. A handler is a procedure that can be called in three different ways: via a DEBUG statement, by calling a C-style function, or by calling a C-style function and passing it an array of arguments.
As an example, we can define a handler that calls a C function, passing it an array of two doubles. The idea is to hide the details of debugging from the user, making it easier for the user to concentrate on debugging the actual code.
[url= Debugger[/url]
How To Debug?:
Open “Debugging.cfg”.
In the first input field, enter the variable name for the list of variables.
In the second input field, enter the names of the handlers.
Save the file and click on “Close”.
You will be presented with a list of handlers, as shown below.
In the input field, click on “Add handler”.
In the next input field, enter the C function to call. The function can take any number of arguments. For more information, see the section below, “How to Debug”.
Click on “OK”.
Debugging.cfg Example:
The example below shows a simplified “List of Handlers” file.
myVar1, myVar2, myVar3
myHandler1, myHandler2
How To Debug:
To debug, use the DEBUG statement.